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                                Sword Dance

                                          192" x 264" x 192"

                                          painted steel and burnished stainless steel

                                          Navy Pier, Pier Walk 2002, Chicago, IL



                                                                                                                                                 The imagism in this body of sculptural steel work was influenced by an

exploration of the essential nature of the medium, its suggestibility, and the

processes utilized in combining dissimilar shapes of materials whose customary

usage is in construction.  My process involves the direct manipulation of

materials, unaided by preparatory drawings, with structural steel forms and

flame-cut drop outs altered by torch cutting and machining, and further refined by

hand.  However, surface and color solutions finalized in the sculptures were

initially explored in drawings.  Paint and patination were applied to shapes to

emphasize, define, enhance, contrast, or chromatically contradict surfaces.  The

power of the accumulative materials evolves into a gestural presence: an

immediate sense perception of form laden with symbolic significance.  The

objects are abstract constructions ― the imagery, subjective.






Time Line
40-ft x 11-ft x 33-ft
Painted steel, stainless steel and 3M reflective material
Bush Intercontinental Airport, median of Terminal "E", Houston, Texas
(front-day and profile images by Rick Gardner)










                                 Night Sea Passage

                                            120" x 240" x 72"

                                            painted steel

                                            North Carolina Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, 2002

                                            Greensboro, NC









                                           156" x 72" x 92"

                                           painted steel

                                           The 19th Annual Abilene Outdoor Exhibition,

                                           1999, Abilene, TX


                                             144" x 240" x 90"

                                             painted steel and abrasive blasted stainless steel

                                             Navy Pier, Pier Walk 2001, Chicago, IL

                                 Around Midnight

                                            216" x 345" x 180"

                                            painted steel, cooper metalized steel (patinated),

                                               and burnished silicon bronze

                                            Pier Walk 2000, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL  and

                                              Oakton Sculpture Park, Oakton Community College, 2000

                                              Des Plains, IL





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Mandatory Dogs
120" x 96-3/4" x 24"
Painted steel
Pier Walk 2005, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL